CleanJector® Technology

  • The highest requirements for quality standards used
    in industrial Ink-Jet printers make even the slightest print defect unacceptable.
  • Clogged nozzles that result in a print sharpness loss have so far required immediate replacement of the piezoelectric head.Although there are a number of benefits, the Ink-Jet printing method is not the cheapest method and the investment costs are considerable, especially in terms of changing piezoelectric heads. That is why our company faces
    these problems.
    You can save a significant amount of money by regenerating your piezoelectric heads. What is more, the production continuity will be maintained and, most importantly, the quality of your products will remain at the highest level. The continuity is what makes it possible to manage any company in a more considered way. Working in palliative mode is more damaging than you might think: production is out of control, product quality is degraded or lost, extra costs are generated due to delivery deadlines not being met, loss of customer confidence – these are issues you can avoid with Ink-Jet.®  technology

    Prioritised quality is the main objective of any company that wants to be competitive and strives to achieve the highest position.

    Achieve these objectives together with CleanJector® technology, entering a new era of 4.0.

    InkTester® Technology

independence when testing the printheads used in Ink-Jet technology printers:

  • InkTester® cooperates with the main manufacturers of piezoelectric heads: SEIKOXAARDIMATIXTOSHIBAKONICA, MINOLTA, RICOHKYOCERADURST
  • Overview of the piezoelectric heads’ condition on site, with no dispatch, with no waiting
  • Ink Calibration – Batch verification, comparison between manufacturers and head types on site, with no dispatch, with no waiting
  • Immediate tests on ceramics, paper, glass, plastic, textiles, leather, wood and many other materials in max. 5 min. on site, with no dispatch, with no waiting
  • The results achieved are identical to those obtained in the production machine, synchronization of printing parameters

InkTester® a device with no limits

InkTester® allows you to develop and control products created with the use of INK-JET printing method. It performs the same tests as a production machine, but with full independence and without having to stop the production cycle!

You have the opportunity to take control of the entire printing process. Thanks to InkTester® it is possible to perform an ink comparison test, identify the results of changes in the event of a material change, innovate and achieve new goals without having to stop the production line.

New technologies create new demands. Testing and selecting the best ink is always complex and often confusing. InkTester® has been created to resolve these doubts. Thanks to precise control over temperature and pressure, it enables all kinds of tests, either on paper or ceramics, without stopping the production process. Furthermore, InkTester® allows you to test piezoelectric heads unblocked using the technology CleanJector®, so that the two machines work together perfectly.