Why exactly MPS?

  • Constant investments in the most modern processing techniques and innovative technologies allowed for the development of production equipment. Thanks to the purchase of new moulds for extending the range of products as well as injection moulding machines, it was possible to robotize some of the equipment.
  • Every order is customised.
  • MPS is able to design and manufacture a plastic product for any industry sector.
  • We can assist the customer at every stage of the product development process, ensuring the highest quality, beginning with the idea in terms of its feasibility, design and aesthetic aspects.

MPS has in its offer plastic products for ceramic lines. They include:

  • disc pack for enamelling machines
  • disc pack with perforated ring for inverter
  • pulleys
  • supports
  • gearbox and motor housings
  • protection (e.g. profiles, pulleys)

Moreover, MPS offer also includes:

  • silicone suction cups
  • roller supports
  • discs for engobe