People&Technology products are distinguished by:

  • highest level of performance and technical advancement
  • durability, resistance and refined design
  • highest technical and economic efficiency

People&Technology offer includes a wide range of devices:

  • the challenge to the laws of digital printing. The first digital printer that prints from the bottom up, in high resolution, logos, images, barcodes, QR codes, date, time, custom labels.

  • 2D reader, in combination with BACKTRACK, allows you to integrate the INDUSTRY 4.0 in companies in the ceramic sector, taking care at all times of its special character.

  • spinning machine to keep the ink at the correct consistency and temperature

  • digitally operated machines for the application of engobe

  • digital system for ink calibration and checking the condition of InkJet printheads

  • cleaning of InkJet process printheads

  • digital printing solution for the cement sector

  • rollers for tile printing using photogravure technology

  • bottom up printing on porcelain

  • SilkSurface dry polishing system that opens a completely new world.